Flood victims to get financial assistance from Govt


Persons who are severely affected by the floods caused by last weekend’s high tides will be receiving financial assistance from government.

This was announced by Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon.

During a National Emergence Operation Centre meeting on Tuesday, it was disclosed that assessments are being conducted in the affected regions countrywide to ascertain the extent of the impacts from last weekend’s natural disaster.

Harmon told reporters that while authorities are awaiting the flood water to recede in some areas to conduct the assessment, it has already been completed in Regions 2, 3, 4 and 6 and relief items are being distributed to victims.

“What we’re thinking about right now is as part of our application to the Contingency Fund (for the emergence works) for a global sum to be awarded for [financial assistance] and for the Civil Defence Commission to advise on how it is to be dealt with in relation to regions, and working along with the Regional Disaster Preparedness Committees,” Harmon posited.

Updating the media during the National Emergency Operation Centre meeting, Senior Response Officer, Capt Salim October revealed that across the coastline, a total distance of approximately 148 kilometres was impacted by the floods, including some 65 communities across the various regions with Three and Five facing the severity of the floods.

According to October, the impacts in Region Five were exacerbated by breached sea defence.

Nevertheless, he noted that assessments thus far reveal that approximately 400 households were flooded, causing items to be damaged. He added too that affected persons have also suffered the loss of cash crops as well as livestock, including poultry and cattle, especially in Region Five.