Flood victims protest President’s office demanding $31M compensation


By Tracey Khan Drakes

1898128_10205399934101618_3982315205050271845_n[www.inewsguyana.com] – Residents of Providence, Peter’s Hall and Nandy Park along the East Bank corridor this morning (December, 08) protested in front of the Office of the President; demanding compensation for losses suffered during the recent floods in the area.

One resident of Peter’s Hall, Kenrick Smith explained that people of the affected villages lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in electrical equipment and other household items when their homes were inundated with water for several days.

He added that they were told that the President would distribute a total of $11M to those residents; however, the residents say that is not enough and are demanding an additional $20M.

Smith said $31M will still not be enough to recompense their losses but it will go further than the current amount which the government has proposed.

He added that two weeks after the flood, Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker visited the area; however, residents were angry and did not give the Minister a listening ear.

He added that between Providence, Peter’s Hall and Nandy Park there are over 700 residents and the $11M would amount to $27,000 per house when it is divided.

Residents of the three East Bank Demerara villages suffered massive flooding after a koker gave way in early October.

Whittaker had said that Cabinet’s response to petitions from the residents with the $11 million is not compensation, but relief.



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