Five expected to face Court soon over marijuana found in house at Versailles – source

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The ex-wife of a self confessed drug dealer who is presently before the Courts on cocaine possession charges was last evening arrested along with four others when ranks from the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit pounced upon them in a house located on the West Bank of Demerara (WBD) and discovered a large quantity of marijuana.

marijuanaA source told INews earlier today (Friday) that all of the persons caught are presently in custody assisting with investigations and charges are expected to be laid against them soon.

Reports are that, acting on information received, the team from CANU caught the five persons inside of a house at Versailles with over 100 pounds of marijuana which was being packaged in various forms.

It is believed that the persons caught were planning to ship the illegal substance to the United States of America. However, such plans were foiled when the CANU ranks swooped down on them and arrested them.




  1. These are all proud Guyanese,those whose names are on store fronts, the type King klung associote with,they don’t live on food stamps and welfare but they are the real criminals graduates of the 3p university,chief education officer BAR RAT and the head of crime Roja klung,,hang them

  2. Great job by these Officers .. Why the hell they didn’t plant some vegetables and ground provisions ? Fast money sends you to Camp Street .


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