FITUG calls for peaceful transition of Govt

PPP Prime Ministerial Candidate Mark Phillips and Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali

See full statement from FITUG:

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) welcomes the decision of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to move declare the winner of the 2020 General and Regional Elections on the basis of the recently concluded national recount.

We hold that the results produced by the recount were the only credible basis to decide the victor and, therefore, the GECOM decision was most appropriate. At this time, we look forward to the completion of the final report by the Chief Elections Officer in keeping with the timeframe outlined by the Commission’s Chairman, Justice (retired) Claudette Singh.

We expect soon thereafter the swearing in of the new President. At this time, we of the FITUG extends our sincere congratulations and best wishes to Dr Irfaan Ali who takes up the weighty responsibilities as President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana at a critical and challenging time in our nation.

We certainly wish him and his Government well and, at an appropriate time, look forward to engaging him as we advance the development of our beloved nation.

The FITUG has seen contentions advanced by the Coalition regarding the results which has been made in the absence of any evidence. We, at this time, urge the Coalition not to seek to obstruct the will of the Guyanese people any further and to facilitate a smooth and unfettered transition of Government. We hasten to remind that we are a nation of rules and laws which we also must uphold and respect.

On this score, we contend that the Coalition ought to be respectful of the GECOM decision and to use the available lawful mechanisms to pursue any objection it may harbour about the election.

We know the prolonged election imbroglio wore very thinly on the Guyanese people’s patience, especially in the context of the public health, social and economic challenges we are facing presently.

Though long, the people’s victory to secure and protect our democracy was upheld. At
this time, we recognize the many Guyanese who played crucial and critical roles in standing up in defence. We hail too the work and efforts of our international partners and friends who stood on the side of democracy and raised their voices in protest and dismay against the intrigues foisted to rollback our democratic gains.

The work of the CARICOM Scrutinizing Team is also deeply appreciated and their report indeed was thought-provoking and should be considered from all ends.

We must recognize as well the staunchness of Justice (retired) Claudette Singh who upheld the law and protected our democracy. She undoubtedly faced tremendous pressures as she had to contend with what appears to be compromised Secretariat.

At this time, the Federation urges peace and calm as we begin to move beyond what was clearly was a difficult period in our nation’s history. We have, as we said before, they are many pressing issues and this is a time for unity. We must all be our brothers and sisters keepers.

Let us live up and pledge ourselves to our Dear Land of Guyana.