Fishing industry on the verge of great transformation – CEO of Fisheries Dept.

Chief Fisheries Officer, Mr. Denzil Roberts
Chief Fisheries Officer, Mr. Denzil Roberts

The Fisheries Department will be revamping the fishermen’s co-operative societies countrywide to ensure satisfactory delivery of services to customers.

Chief Fisheries Officer, Mr. Denzil Roberts says his Department also plans to provide training for fisherfolks allowing them to be more involved in sustainable fishing activities.

“We have quite a few co-ops along the coast but they are not too structured and organised in terms of management. We want them to be more organised,” he said.

Mr. Roberts believes that with these strategies streamlined for 2021, the fishing industry is on the verge of great transformation, and fisherfolks will be able to reap long term benefits and even attract new markets.

“We will make sure we elect one of the appropriate fishermen or women and then they will also receive that type of training to ensure that the group do its best,” Mr. Roberts added.

The Fisheries Department is also hoping to improve its stock assessment activities.

“We would have done that for the shrimp. These activities guide how we manage the industry, we need to know what is going on out there… we will also be able to implement measures, like reducing the fishing fleet and the gears,” Mr. Roberts said.

Paying respect to the challenges fisherfolk face in plying their daily trade, the Chief Fisheries Officer said they make an integral contribution towards the health and wellbeing of many.

He urged all co-operative societies to get registered so they could be properly represented by the Department.