Fishermen discover body of man floating alongside boat at Albion


Fishermen who turned out to ply their trade this morning in Albion, Berbice, got a shock of their lives when they discovered the body of a man floating in the water near their boat.

INews understands that around 06:00hrs today some fishermen were about to leave the shores when they noticed the partly decomposed body of a man floating.

berbiceAn alarm was raised and police ranks were called to the scene of the discovery. Upon inspection they realised that the partly decomposed body was that of a man who is said to be a known alcoholic.

Commander of “B” Division (Berbice) Ian Amsterdam told INews that it is believed the now dead man fell overboard of a vessel (boat) and met his demise since at this point in time it does not seem as if there was foul play involved. However, this is not being ruled out until the Post Mortem (PM) examination is carried out to determine the cause of death, Amsterdam noted.

Meanwhile, relatives of the deceased explained that the 52-year-old man used to “drink a lot”. He was last seen by his immediate family on Friday, last.




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