Fisherman missing at Sea

Missing: Sadeia Santora

By Leroy Smith

Missing: Sadeia Santora
Missing: Sadeia Santora

[] – Sadeia Santora called ‘Old Dog’, a fisherman of Mont Rose East Coast Demerara has been missing since Wednesday, January 28 at sea.

The man reportedly fell off a fishing vessel in the vicinity of Melanie and Buxton, according to relatives.

His family said they received the call hours after Santora left to join the vessel on Wednesday morning at the Meadow Bank Wharf, East Bank Demerara.

“I was at work when I got a call from my daughter saying that my son fall over board. She say de boss man call she and tell she dat he fall over board and dem ain’t finding he,” his mother, Drupattie Santora told iNews.

The woman is hoping that her son is still alive as she is still grieving over the death of another son, who was killed in 2012.

“Well this is hard for me, I am still grieving for the other one and now this one gone. He was my bread winner; it is very hard and tough right now. He lived here with me all the time and when he come from sea he does just sit and take a little drink, he don’t trouble nobody” the woman recalled with tears in her eyes.



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