Fisherman allegedly stabbed by friend during heated argument


A fisherman who was enjoying his Sunday evening has now been hospitalised for severe injuries after his friend with whom he was consuming alcohol allegedly stabbed him to his stomach with a broken bottle.

INews understands that the incident took place between 19:30h and 20:00h at the injured man’s Friendship, East Bank Demerara (EBD) residence.

police3According to a source close to the fisherman’s family, the two men were ‘having a few drinks’ when a heated argument began. Shortly after, the alleged perpetrator is said to have hit the fisherman to his head with the bottle which contained alcohol and it broke.

He then used the broken piece of glass with the bottle head to stab his friend to his stomach, the source added.

INews was told that the injured man’s relatives immediately rushed him to the hospital at Diamond, EBD, after filing a report with the police.

However, due to the man’s severe wound(s) he was referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for emergency medical treatment.

Meanwhile, a hospital source confirmed that she was told that the alleged perpetrator is a relative of the fisherman and that both men lived at the same residence.

The man who is accused of stabbing the fisherman is yet to be apprehended by the police since he “disappeared” after the incident took place, the family source also said.



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