First Math Olympiad sees robust competition


Students from Grades Six and Nine, from several schools in Region Four on Sunday afternoon, tested their knowledge of Mathematics as they competed in the inaugural Math Olympiad created by the Brain Central (BC), an online educational portal.

[left to right] Haresh Rameshwar (Winner), Daniel Jacobs, Hanifa Ali, Daniel Singh (runners-up) BrainCentral (BC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lance Hinds and Scotiabank, Marketing Manager Jennifer Cipriani along with their team.
According to the Department of Public Information (DPI), the two-day (February 3-4) collaborative initiative between BC and Scotiabank saw 45 students, going online and simultaneously take two (2) timed quizzes, consisting of 40 questions set to be completed within 50 minutes.

Lance Hinds, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), BC, was quoted by DPI as saying that the implementation of such an initiative aims to help the students prepare  for their examinations.

Hinds noted that the participants answered the question in “exam-like conditions” on both days “and based on their results, they will receive prizes.”

The event held at the University of Guyana’s (UG) Information Communication Center, quickly dwindled down to six participants, as opposed to the anticipated five finalists. This was due to a tie for fourth place.

Haresh Rameshwar was adjudged the winner while Daniel Singh, Daniel Jacobs, Hanifa Ali were the runners-up. They were all awarded tablets.

Responding to inquiries regarding those participants, who did not attend the second and final round of the examination, Hinds opined that, “these things happen, sometimes they may have felt little jitters, nervousness or they may not have liked taking live rounds.”

The CEO said following the conclusion of the competition his team will conduct a post-mortem and analyse each step taken during the event. This review will also include the advertisement of the competition using Facebook. The CEO noted that based on the conclusion, decisions will be made on whether there is a need for any adjustments to be made going moving forward.

Jennifer Cipriani, Marketing Manager, Scotiabank, said that sponsoring the initiative is “a great fit” for her organisation, as it aims to become more technologically-ready in its services.

Additionally, Hinds said that his organisation also plans to launch an English language competition similar to the Math Olympiad.


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