Fire Service tests new equipment with Exercise ‘Get Ready’


The Guyana Fire Service this morning conducted Exercise ‘Get Ready’ which was showcased along Robb Street, Georgetown.

The purpose of the exercise was to test the capability of the Fire Boat Protector and other fire fighting equipment when accessing water from the river to fight structural fires in the city.

The exercise was also aimed at testing and ensuring the effectiveness of both trainee and regular firefighters in the event of a major fire in a commercial area.

The Exercise saw a total of 86 personnel including nine (9) Officers, two (2) Sub Officers, eight (8) Section Leaders, eleven (11) Leading Firemen and Women and fifty-six (56) Firefighters making use of specialized equipment which included one (1) Fire Boat, one (1) Hydraulic Platform, one (1) Hose Layer and six (6) Water Tenders which conveyed water from the river at John Fernandes Wharf to Wellington and Robb Streets, Georgetown, covering approximately 1.5 kilometers in distance.

An ambulance and Emergency Medical Technicians were also on standby at the scene in the
event of an emergency.

Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Robeson Benn was present and observed the operation, as was Chief Fire Officer Kalamadeen Edoo and other senior officers attached to the Guyana Fire Service who oversaw the exercise.