Fire scare at home of Lusignan Businessman accused of paying to kill relative


[] –  Firefighters were moments ago called to the home of a Lusignan businessman, accused of ordering a $2.5 Million successful hit on his sister – in – law.

crime-sceneNeighbors reportedly saw a huge blaze which appeared to have been coming from the Businessman, Omesh Singh’s Home.

It however turned out that persons who lived aback of the man’s property lit a heap of garbage that got out of control and towered over the man’s home causing panic in the area.

 Singh is presently in police custody for ordering a hit on the 18 – year – old hairdresser, Ashmini Harriram.

He is married to the now dead woman’s sister.

Reliable police sources confirmed that the hit was ordered after the relative suspected that she ‘snitched’ to the police about where some drugs were hidden. Prior to the murder, the police had seized a shipment of drugs, which allegedly belonged to the relative and one of his drugs associate.

The young woman was shot in her head in Lusignan, East Coast Demerara on July 10, minutes after she disembarked a minibus. Her $8,000 cell phone was the only thing stolen from her.


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