Fire ravages Kitty home, 15 homeless


An Easter Monday fire, which gutted two structures at D’Andrade Street, has now left 15 people homeless.

Based on information received, the fire started sometime after 09:30h at the Lot 149 D’Andrade Street, Newton, Kitty property.

The primary one-storied wooden structure was destroyed, along with an attached dwelling of another relative.

When the Inews arrived on the scene, Annette Heywood explained that she is employed as a security guard and had just returned from a night shift at about 09:00h.

After making breakfast, the woman said she retired to bed and was awakened by screams from one of her eight children that a fire had started.

“I come home and I made my children breakfast. I go in my bed and I sleeping and all I hear is that my daughter hollering fire. By time I jump up, the whole house was on fire. I couldn’t see.”

The completely gutted building

Confused, the 38-year-old woman said she scrambled to run out of the building, leaving everything behind. By the time her family reached to safety, the entire wooden structure was swallowed by thick smoke. An adjacent structure, occupied by one her daughter, was also destroyed.

“I just come out the house and leave everything to burn. I didn’t get to save money, clothes, nothing. Everything that a house could have, I lost everything,” she said.

The Guyana Fire Service arrived at the said location shortly after, and attempted to put out the fire. However, nothing was salvaged and the family’s dwellings was flattened to the ground.

Heywood told this online publication that she lost all furniture and other articles at a house would have. At that time, the distraught woman was contemplating her next move.