Fire leaves Firefighter homeless for Christmas


fire-1A fireman, Troyden Williamson, attached to the New Amsterdam Fire Service is now homeless and counting his losses after his home was engulfed in flames early Friday morning.

The fire, said to have been caused by a lit kerosene lamp, completely destroyed the two-storey, three-bedroom house located at Cuffy Drive, Tucber Park, Berbice.

Williamson told this publication that he was asleep when the fire started. He heard a loud explosion and upon checking noticed huge flames in the kitchen.

He explained that he returned home at about 20:00hrs on Thursday and did some cleaning before lighting a lamp and retiring to bed. At about 02:00h Friday he was awakened by the sound of an explosion.

“The room that I was in did not have any fire so I broke the window and called my neighbour who helped to get me out through the window.”

Williamson said as he moved away and looked back he noticed that the entire wood-and-concrete building was engulfed in flames.

Not wanting to comment on the Fire Service’s response because of his attachment to the service, Williamson said the building is owned by an overseas-based Guyanese.

“Everything went up in flames, I know the fire service will do whatever they can but I have lost all that I had,” he remarked.

The young man said he lost everything, however, he is not distressed by the loss of his home just two days before Christmas.

“I don’ think it will affect my Christmas because Jesus is the reason for my season. Despite what happened I still put my trust in God. I believe that all things worketh for good, so I put it in the hands of God.”

The firefighter said he is not sure where he will be living, but is asking for assistance from the public. (Andrew Carmichael: Guyana Times)


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