Fire guts ‘Junkies’ shack in Grove

moments after the fire started

A fire in the wee hours of Friday morning has completely razed a wooden shack occupied by at least three men described as “nuisance and junkies”. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined but this online publication understand that it started after a lighted cigarette was left on a mattress.

Based on reports received, the fire started at about 3:00h and an alarm was raised. Neighbours rushed to the scene and were able to contain the blaze to one location. By the time the fire tenders arrived at the scene, the wooden shack was completely gutted.

The aftermath of the fire

One neighbour recalled that he was awakened by loud sounds emanating from the yard next door and upon checking, he realised that the house was on fire.  Without hesitation, he explained  that his relative went into firefighting mode.

‘We jump up, put on the water pump and started to soak our home because a few years ago, the same shack was set on fire and our home received severe damage… we had to spend like $3 million to repair”.

He added that they were not taking any chances this time around. He explained that on a daily basis, several “drunk men” would assemble and drink all day.

“Initially it was four brothers who occupied the house, one went to jail and the other in the bush but every day is a session at the house… drinking and cussing”, the man stated.

The Guyana Fire Service and the police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the fire.


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