Fire guts Cummings Lodge house


A couple and their two children are now homeless after a fire completely destroyed their house at Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown.

Shivana Deoall, was in a vehicle heading to town with her 11-year-old son when she learnt that her house was on fire.

“I didn’t expect this many times I go town and come back and my place safe. But today wasn’t for me at all. Two mind I had to go town but my son tell me let we go cause he got to get a school boots.”

At the time of the incident, the woman’s 21-year-old daughter was home alone.

She is unsure how the fire started. Reports are that it begun from her bedroom.

“I always lock my room when I going out and I always unplug everything,” the woman told reporters, as she tried to comprehend how the fire began.

With Christmas in a few weeks, the woman is completely distraught, saying she has no where to stay now. Moreover, everything she owned was completely destroyed.

“Nothing, nothing at all save. I even buy chicken to mine and all gone.”

“I done do all my shopping for Christmas and now everything gone! Everything gone.”