UPDATE: Fire destroys Lombard Street houses


Several families are now homeless following a fire at Lombard Street, Georgetown which completely gutted a building that housed several living quarters in the wee hours of this morning.

Based on reports received, the fire started at about 08:00h at the Lot 17 Lombard and Broad Streets.

While information remains sketchy as to where exactly the fire started, one of the occupants, Tinicia Daniel said she was alerted by persons who noticed smoke emanating from the building. However, by the time an alarm was raised, the situation quickly escalated into an uncontrollable inferno.

“I just hear people talking and when we look, we see the smoke coming and it was uncontrollable so we couldn’t save anything,” she said.

Meanwhile, Abiola Khalil says four persons resided in her household. She was at work when a distressing call informed that her house was on fire.

“I was at work when I hear that the fire start. When I come home, everything done,” Khalil related. Persons at the scene stated that the Guyana Fire Service arrived promptly but was unable to salvage the building.

“When the fire service come, they couldn’t save what was burning but they protect the other buildings around,” she added.

Inews understands that one person, who is a relative of one of the occupants, was taken into custody for allegedly starting the fire.

The families estimate their losses in the millions.


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