Fire destroys house in ‘A’ Field Sophia


One person is now homeless following a fire of unknown origin which destroyed the upper flat of a two-storey house in ‘A’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown, on Sunday.

INews understands that the fire started just before 12:00hrs and the owner of the house, Nandkishore Ragnauth, was not home.

A Sunday blaze destroyed the upper flat of an A Field, Sophia house
A Sunday blaze destroyed the upper flat of an A Field, Sophia house

According to neighbours, smoke was observed from the upper flat of the house and an alarm was raised. Neighbours immediately formed a bucket brigade but were unable to save the house since the intense inferno quickly consumed the house.

“After we realised that we couldn’t do anything to save the house, we start soaking the neighbours’ houses,” one woman said.

Another neighbour, a male, continued that “the heat was so much that de gutter pon the neighbour house start melting out so we come together as a community and help them wet the other house them… we couldn’t save that one, so we try to at least save de rest.”

Meanwhile, the residents related that the Fire Service was summoned and upon arrival, the entire upper flat was already engulfed.

After about an hour or so of rigorously battling the inferno, the blaze was doused but only after completely destroying the upper flat of the house.

Investigators from the Guyana Fire Service have launched a probe to determine the origin of the blaze.



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