Fire completely destroys Sharon’s Mall

Sharon’s Mall completely engulfed into flames

The Sharon’s Mall, located at Charlotte and King Streets, Georgetown has been completely destroyed by a fire which has been ravaging the building for several hours.

Though a small fire was first spotted at around 16:30hrs today, firefighters were unable to douse the flames, resulting in a massive inferno which persisted well beyond 20:00hrs.

Firefighters are still trying to extinguish the blaze and prevent the fire from spreading to nearby buildings.

Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn told reporters that persons reported smelling smoke at the building since 11:00hrs.

However, he explained that they were not alarmed until later in the afternoon, at around 16:30hrs, when smoke was seen emanating from the building.

Firefighters were immediately summoned.

Several business owners have gained entry into the building in an effort to salvage some of their goods.

Losses are in the millions.