Fire Chief confirms kerosene lamp, stove cause devastating fires that destroyed Enmore, Berbice homes

Investigations by the Guyana Fire Service have revealed that a kerosene lamp was the cause of the fire that destroyed a house in Enmore resulting in the death of its lone occupant, a 70-year-old pensioner Bhagmatie John.
DEAD: Bhagmatie John
DEAD: Bhagmatie John

Fire Chief Marlon Gentle yesterday said that after a search of the destroyed house, evidence proved that a lit kerosene lamp had caused the fire.

Gentle said it appeared that the lamp had fallen off a table resulting in the blaze which got out of control before any help could be rendered to the elderly woman.
The woman perished in the early Sunday morning fire which engulfed the two-storey wooden house at Lot 90 Hope West Enmore, East Coast of Demerara.
According to reports, the fire had started sometime around 02:30hrs that morning and had quickly spread through the entire house trapping the pensioner.
* East Bank Berbice fire
Meanwhile, the fire that destroyed the dwelling place of Clyde Riddle and his wife Abigail Riddle on the East Bank of Berbice had started from a stove being left lit, according to the Fire Chief.
The house destroyed by fire in Berbice on Sunday
The house destroyed by fire in Berbice on Sunday

Investigations by the Fire Service confirm that the stove was left lit even though the occupants had not been at the house at the time of the fire, Gentle disclosed.

The property had gone up in flames mid Sunday morning resulting in the loss of over $15 million, according to the owners.


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