Financial institutions to begin implementing new COVID-19 measures – Banking Association


Following the new gazette COVID-19 measures, the Guyana Association of Bankers Inc has indicated that the financial institutions will soon be complying with the new measures.

On September 04, the Government announced that all persons must show proof of vaccination to gain entry into all public buildings and comply with other measures such as using face masks and sanitization. Unvaccinated persons will be required to make appointments and produce a negative molecular biological PCR test result obtained as recent as seven days before the appointment.

The requirement previously applied to only Government buildings or agencies. However, the updated protocol extended public buildings to refer refers to any building to which the public has lawful access including both publicly and privately-owned buildings such as institutions of learning.

That announcement has since led to a number of businesses now implementing that mandate.

The Guyana Association of Bankers, in a notice published in the daily newspapers on Tuesday, said “financial institutions will soon conform with these protocols…”

The Emergency Measures (No 22) runs until September 30, 2021, and could be extended further.

Moreover, the negative PCR test requirement, which can only be obtained from laboratories approved by the Health Ministry, also applies to unvaccinated workers of any such public building.

Several financial institutions have already issued notices to their customers informing of the new requirements.