Finance Minister has sole responsibility for revenue agency – President


In light of recent allegations that State Minister Joseph Harmon attempted to interfere with an operation spearheaded by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), President David Granger has stated that Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan is the government minister solely and directly responsible for the operations and management of the revenue body.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon being cornered by the media to answer questions on recent controversy surrounding him
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon being cornered by the media to answer questions on the recent controversy surrounding him

It is being alleged that Minister Harmon recently interfered in the GRA’s operation involving Chinese company, Bai Shan Lin, where he instructed that efforts to seize two luxury vehicles owned by Bai Shan Lin over taxes owed, be halted.

However, on his weekly “Public Interest” programme, although President Granger did not confirm that his State Minister interfered in the work of the revenue agency, he said that he spoke with his Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, who is responsible for GRA, hence he is of the belief that ‘corrective’ action is being taken.

According to President Granger, there are occasions when “errors of judgement” are made.

“I am not saying there was an error of judgement, but when complaints are made, they are investigated”, he said.

INews understands that it was the Finance Minister who brought up the issue of the responsibility of GRA during a recent meeting with the President.

It was then that he raised the topic of the alleged intrusion by Minister Harmon to stop the GRA from seizing the two luxury vehicles from Bai Shan Lin.

Meanwhile, Minister Harmon has promised to release a statement pertaining to this matter, however, even though several days have passed he is yet to do so.


  1. 2 things…..

    1) The May 11 election was FREE AND FAIR so stop your BS and move on.

    2) Harmon is not fit for the position he holds and should be removed immediately..

  2. Camers don’t lie, harmony could try his best to photo shop,paste,or do whatever magic,THATS the SMILE OF A BED BUG/ TICK, these suckers are just a reflection,GUYANESE WAKE Up,,

  3. Harmonger will never quit and will never be forced to resign.
    PNC Graingehehe knows exactly why.
    PNC Grainghe knew who did the heavy lifting so PNC people can operate in GECOM to make May miracle..


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