Final report into 2011 Caribbean Airlines crash to be released tomorrow


caribbean-airlines-crash[] – The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has completed the final report regarding the July 30, 2011 Caribbean Airlines crash at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timerhi, Guyana.

But those findings will not be made public until tomorrow (Friday, October 24) where Minister of Works, Robeson Benn will make a presentation during a press conference at his Kingston office slated for 10am.

Earlier this year, more than two years after the Caribbean Airlines (CAL) Boeing 737-800 aircraft overshot the runway and crash-landed; the Guyana Government had released initial findings of the accident.

It was said then that the investigations concluded that the accident was caused by the aircraft touching down far beyond the touching down point of the runway.Plane crash

This is exactly what initial investigations had revealed which claimed that the pilot “mis-averaged” the runway when landing and could not bring the plane to a halt in time.

The plane crashed just after midnight on July 30 2011, splitting into two. There were no deaths, however several passengers sustained injuries and have since taken legal action.

This finding however runs counter to allegations of the Trinidadian Government who had blamed Guyana for the cause of the accident, saying that the problem was at the airport.

Plans are currently afoot to expand the CJIA runway and by extension the Airport Facility.





  1. I have always maintained that at the end of it they would place the blame squarely on the pilot’s shoulders! I don’t know whether he was given incorrect landing information or whether there were visibility issues or instrument malfunctions, but based on what I was told by an eyewitness I would like that person commend the pilot for his actions after the aircraft’s wheels touched the ground which resulted in the saving of the lives of the passengers and crew.
    Now look out for all blame to be placed on the pilot at tomorrow’s SHOW! Most of all if checks are done it will be found that the people making these decisions and pronouncements can’t even taxi an aircraft much less fly one or one of the model involved!


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