Fight between Estate Manager/Employee leads to shut down of Skeldon Estate



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Skeldon-Sugar-Factory-Guyana[] – Workers both from the factory and field have shut down the operations of the Skeldon Estate after reports that the Estate Manager, Dave Kumar arbitrarily dismissed an employee – Steven Daniel – following an incident in the field between the two on Friday, September 19.

iNews was reliably informed that the Estate Manager and two of his colleagues were reportedly on a drinking spree on Friday when at 23:30hrs, several workers were on a bridge at the Dock Mill supervising the offloading of cane.

It is alleged that the Manager told them to move from the bridge, however, all but Daniel responded almost immediately and this reportedly made the Manager angry.

The Manager is accused of verbally abusing the employee, who continued his work but was later informed by a security guard that he has to be escorted off the Estate.

iNews understands that after Daniel refused to leave the compound, the Estate Manager arrived and attempted to hit him. He then informed Daniel that he was fired.

Following this incident, employees of the estate commenced their strike action on Saturday, September 20 in support of their colleague.

iNews was reliably informed that Kumar called a meeting at 9:00hrs, today, Sunday, September 21 with a number of officials and it was then that the workers representative made a number of recommendations to ensure the situation does not spiral out of control.

Among the recommendations by the representative was for the employee to be reinstated, an apology issued, for his full salary to be given to him and for the Manager to promise that workers would not be victimized.

However, Kumar refused and said he has the backings of the Chief Executive Officer of GuySuCo.

The representative was then given a disciplinary letter for representing the interest of the workers and told to give reasons why he should not be disciplined.

Our source said over $40M in cane would be damaged if there is no solution to the issue.



  1. i like that shano i think is only me does observe this ,good the public see ,what kind of guy is dave kumar .the first thing is this guy dont know to talk to people in a good manner .he always talk with power . He always talk about his backings from the CEO an government connection .the say show me your company an i will tell u who u are so guess all of them is the same .when he fire a few of his senior field staff a few weeks ago he boast about his power in the rum shop at springlands .why can the investigate this guy where he getting the big money from ,This guy is seen at well known cane farmers home sporting ,he was giving a car by a well known dragline owner in favour of contracts. wonder if the money laundering act officals cant check his assets .APNU should starting looking in on these kind of people .check how many staff he put out of a job because of his connection within the last few months ,he fire the( FM )an others punwah ,brown an ivan because of his power within now he did worst to Daniel .who was with him when he curse an abuse daniel is afride to speak the true because the afride of losing the job .

  2. This is a man who does not go to the backdam…is drinking all over the place with contrctors,,, bringing them in the club and chasing hardworking employees who are there taking a drink. Recently he hit a shift manager on his head….what an abusive man….he tolerates people who only talk names….any bidy who questions him,,, are gone,,, fired. What is the president doing about this,,, he willl definitely lose votes because of this man. Oh,,, but a birdie mentioned and he aand president is friends,,,, that is how his daughter get a scholarship,,,,, no body cNnot win here,,,, kumar will come out unharm….watch and see.

  3. Jon must be one of the suckers who drink kumar’s bribe money. This is man who walks without shirt on the road when he is drunk. What kind of estate manager is this? He is one of the lowest class. Security guard claimed that he live such a low life that he and his wife have big fights and break things like doors and windows. He fix it the next day. How this man survives in the industry…find out what he does do and for who….jon, you remain a sucker.

  4. Once again power drunk dave kumar on the raise again .the other day he fire some of his senior field staff ,an used the same words that he has backings from the CEO. this time he is drunk an wanna fight an fire people .why dont the government investigate this corrupt guy he has been taking bribe from privite machine owners to give them work at skeldon an albion estate the one of them even buy him a car. come on ppl look in to this .he will break down guysuco if he remain there .

  5. one idiot makes many
    the bridge sheitter probably do not have a family to feed.
    he do not care if Sunday falls on Monday.
    If the Bridge is the Estate’s property and safety is involved, he is right to ask people off the bridge.

  6. First of all the idiot who decide to stay must never ever work in the Industry again. He was better off jumping off the bridge and drink some ‘bandin’ water. Kumar maybe drinking but his decision may be sane for safety reasons.
    The Guyana government is going above and beyond to provide employment for ‘idiots’!
    Shet, get off the freaking bridge!
    Go to your Union and whine that you were insulted.
    Do not shut business down?
    This is the backwardness which haunts our country.
    We have an over abundance of laziasses fools.
    When they feel like drinking more rum, they shut everything down.

  7. Now this is a disgrace and it would appear the pluck from the political appointment has been the main reason for this outcome. Why would the CEO support such action??

  8. This is the sort of nonsense that is causing the failing of the industry power drunk and out of control idiots like kumar


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