Female suspect in Rohee’s robbery turns self in, assisting Police with finding accomplices


Police are now one step closer in their investigation of the robbery/attack on the Lot 6 – 7 Ixora Avenue, Eccles, East Bank Demerara home of Former Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee following the arrest of a woman who reportedly rented the car the thieves used to flee the scene.

According to the Police “A” Division Deputy Commander, Calvin Brutus earlier today, the woman “turned herself in” and disclosed the names of the three suspects involved.

“She turned herself in. She came with a colleague, she is cooperating, she gave a statement and so. Now we are looking for the three other men,” he said.

Inews understands the woman confessed to being associated with the crime yesterday afternoon, and her Identification Card was discovered in the motor vehicle which was used by the bandits in their getaway.

At around 11am on Wednesday, three gunmen stormed the Parliamentarian’s residence and assaulted his two maids who were home at the time. Rohee told media operatives that he was not at home at the time of the incident but received a call from his neighbours, prompting him to return.

His home had been ransacked and robbed of an undisclosed quantity of cash and valuables, while his maids, ages 28 and 54 were found bounded.

Finger prints were lifted from the scene, and the motor vehicle which transported the bandits was found later that day abandoned.

Investigations are still ongoing.




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