Female ‘friend’ of murdered Parika businessman still in custody – source


Hours after Seeram Singh, 52, of Lot 40 Parika Outfall, East Bank Essequibo, was shot and stabbed to death, police have arrested a woman, closely associated with the businessman. INews understands that the woman is still being grilled by police in connection with the matter.

Alesia Singh, daughter of the dead man said the woman is known to her father but she knows little about her.

The fuel dealer was stabbed at least three times to his abdomen and shot twice – to his right ear and hip. From all indications the man was shot at close range.
The incident took place on Saturday night at about 21:00h a short distance from his home.

Dead: Seeram Singh
Dead: Seeram Singh

According to a report in the Guyana Times, the daughter explained that she was at home when she heard the sound of a gunshot and immediately rushed out to see what was happening, but by the time she reached to the gate, a family friend informed her that her father was shot and was lying on the road.

“I run out of the gate and started to scream and end up toppling over meh father… I fall on he… When I look, blood was coming out of from his head and he belly… I de done know he dead because he was not breathing,” the daughter said.

Nevertheless, a taxi was summoned and the businessman taken to the Leonora Cottage Hospital, West Coast Demerara, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The daughter went on to say her father was shot nearby a drinking spot but no one saw who committed the act. Reports are that the man was on his mobile phone a short distance from his house when he was attacked and stabbed.

In an attempt to alert people drinking at the shop, he ran a short distance but the bandit gave chase and caught up with him. It was then he was shot.

At the time he was wearing three gold chains, two hand bands and three finger rings. After the shooting, the lone gunman snatched the three chains and made good his escape.

The dead man she noted, operated his own fuel boats and supplied fuel to mining areas along the Mazaruni/Cuyuni area. He had been plying the trade for quite some time.

The young lady noted that while they are still trying to overcome the death of their mother who died some three years ago, her father’s murder is a heavy blow to the family.

Her brother is handicapped and they are worried that if he finds out about his father’s death he definitely will not take it lightly.

The businessman leaves to mourn four daughters and one son.
The police are continuing their investigations into the matter.


  1. SAD for the family, we all need to pray for these families who fell victims to the new line of employment in GT, KRIME,,its now a free for all,,,


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