Female body at Kingston Foreshore identified as 19-Y-0

Dead: Kavita Ackloo
Dead: Kavita Ackloo
Dead: Kavita Ackloo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum has confirmed that the female, whose remains were found on the Kingston seashore on November 02, is that of 19 – year – old Kavita Ackloo of South Cummings Lodge.

iNews was told that the teenager would have celebrated her birthday on Thursday, November 05 and according to information received, she recently moved in with her father.

On November 03, the father went to the Brickdam Police Station where he told police that his daughter was missing. He was then taken to the Funeral Parlour where he positively identified the body of his daughter.

However, the man was unable to identify the young man, who also reportedly committed suicide with Ackloo.

iNews understands that the young lady worked as a Store Clerk at the Sharon’s Mall on King Street in Georgetown. iNews had reported that the police removed two bottles that are suspected to contain poison from the scene.

The bodies were found without any marks of violence. iNews also understands that ranks retrieved a receipt from the right side pants pocket of the man, which indicated that two poisonous substances had been purchased.

According to reports, the couple, who appeared to be in their early 20’s and of East Indian descent, were last seen alive around 14:00 hrs on November 02 in the same area by passersby.



  1. Moses should we jail the car dealership for the accidents, please ,,,,,this problem of young and old turning to such terrible means of problem solving is not the answer, I said it too many time ,,Guyanese have to start living in togetherness and look out for each other, STOP the SELFISH living and reach out to each other, forget all the negatives, our hearts and prayers go out not only to them but to the family,SAD SAD

  2. Female body at Kingston Foreshore identified as 19-Y-0
    Recently moved in with father- that tell you lots.
    Maybe mother did not approve of boy or man she was seeing.
    This is a major major problem with East Indians – some take their lives for financial reasons – most take their lives due to parental and family members.
    They cant be seen talking to a boy it would be lix like peas.
    If a family member or close family friend or neighbor see her talking to a boy the news reaches parents faster than cable news.As soon as she gets home no questions asked is lix like peas which in most cases leads to suicde


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