Female among armed bandits who robbed porter of $635,000


Police say they are currently investigating the robbery under arms committed on a porter of D’ Andrade Street, Newtown Kitty.

The victim, identified as Travis DeCaires, was on Tuesday last ridding a bicycle when he was held at gunpoint by armed bandits, one of whom was a female, and deprived of $680,000 of his valuables.

Recounting the violent ordeal that has left him still traumatised, DeCaires said that at approximately 12:50hrs on the day of the incident, he was cycling along Anira Street in Queenstown, Georgetown when he saw the suspects approaching from the opposite direction. One of them was armed with a gun and another had a knife in his hand.

The gun-toting bandit pointed the weapon at him and demanded that he stop. He complied, and one of the men confiscated his valuables which were in a strap bag around his shoulder.

He told Police that the bag contained $635,000 in cash; his I-PAD, valued at $24,000; and his Blu cellphone, worth $21,000.

The bandits then escaped on two XR motorcycles through Peter Rose Street, Queenstown.


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