Felix, Scott given ‘green light’ to return to Parliament – Nandlall says Chancellor’s ruling ‘strange’

Former Ministers Winston Felix and Keith Scott

By Kristen Macklingam

Chancellor of the Judiciary Carl Singh has given the green light to the government for Citizenship Minister, Winston Felix, and Minister within the Ministry of Communities with responsibilities for Labour, Keith Scott, to return to the National Assembly and sit as Technocrat Members of Parliament (MP).

Ministers Winston Felix and Keith Scott
Ministers Winston Felix and Keith Scott

This ruling was made during a hearing earlier today after Attorney General (AG) Basil Williams appealed a previous ruling by Former Chief Justice (CJ) Ian Chang which saw the two ministers being banned from Parliament.

At that time the CJ had pronounced that the move to have both ministers present as MPs was unconstitutional since technocrat members cannot be taken from a list of representatives belonging to a Party.

INews understands that at today’s hearing Chancellor Singh ruled in favour of the government granting a ‘stay of execution’ on the ruling made by the Former CJ.

The AG told the media this morning that an application for an interim stay pending the determination of the application for stay had been made and in light of it being granted, Ministers Felix and Scott can attend today’s sitting of the National Assembly.

Until the application for stay is fully heard, the two ministers can sit in the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, Former AG Anil Nandlall said the circumstances surrounding the ruling by the Chancellor ruling was “strange” and that he had even been served with a copy of the Ex Parte application.

Nandlall contended that when he heard about the appeal he immediately wrote the Courts requesting that he be present during the hearing and that it was today, while the case was ongoing, that he was served the relevant documentation.

“I find that very strange. Stays of Execution are not granted Ex Parte without hearing the other side…they have not heard me…what are you staying? You don’t stay a declaration…they are not orders that are coercive…they are declaring a state of affairs,” Nandlall argued.

According to the former Attorney General, the orders which are granted by the CJ are all “declaration” and cannot be stayed.






  1. When Chang,who I consider to be a JOKER where a Judge is concerned,came out of retirement to give that decision against Felix and Scott being in Parliament,Anil and his friends were rejoicing about the “right“decision.Now that Carl has placed that decision on hold,thus allowing these two Ministers to continue,their faces have become very long with disbelief.For them,Carl has done the worst thing ever.To me,Chang has always been questionable where giving justice is concerned.IT IS TIME,HE MOVES ON,AND OUT.

  2. Carl Singh is hoping to get confirmation as Chancellor after acting for most of his career in that position. It was the same Granger who refused to agree with the previous administration to appoint him as Chancellor He should get an OSCAR

  3. Sir Dennis McKenzie, the Chancellor did not squash Chang’s ruling. All he did was to put a stay of execution on the ruling pending a full appeal; so don’t start braying. In the final analysis, barring political interference in this matter-one cannot rule this out knowing the track record of the PNC and the current bullies within the current administration- Anil will be having the last laugh.

  4. Anil,you could never have seen the BLUNDER in Chang`s decision,because that suited you.That`s the kind of HYPOCRITE you are.Your HYPOCRISY is so glaring,that most can see IT.Who laughs last,laughs the best,JOKER.

  5. I suspect,Anil has to return to his law-books to refresh his memory.It seems that he has become too old for this business.Basil is going to be a thorn in your flesh,until you have none left.

  6. Granger has to find positions for this buddies and by creating a million different minister/ministry positions, he will ascertain all his henchmen are collecting tax payers dollars… #change

  7. Felix, Scott given ‘green light’ to return to Parliament – Nandlall says Chancellor’s ruling ‘strange’
    PPP done::PPP have no say in any matter concerning Guyana any longer.
    Thats the bottom line you are being told.


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