Felix questions transfer of ‘best cop’


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Former Commissioner of Police, Winston Felix

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Police Commissioner and member of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Winston Felix believes that Cadet Officer Jermaine Dufu’s sudden transfer from the Springlands Police Station as the officer –in-Charge was “politically and not professionally motivated.”

Dufu’s transfer came days after he instituted charges against Skeldon’s Estate Manager, Dave Kumar, who was arrested after he allegedly challenged a police officer to a fight.

He is also accused of physically assaulting a few other ranks. The senior policeman, Dufu, was recently awarded Best Cop in ‘B’ division and the runner up best cop in the country. He was ordered transferred from the division with immediate effect.

This move is not sitting well with residents of Berbice since Dufu has been rated as a major crime fighter in the East Berbice area. Felix told iNews that the decision to transfer Dufu for performing his duties has sent a dangerous message to others like him in the Guyana Police Force.

“If a policeman is transferred doing a job he is paid to do, which is enforcing the law and bringing offenders to justice, then his transfer sends a chilling message down the spine of those policemen of like mind who would want to do their job professionally and fearlessly.

“It is an attack on police professionalism which can only undermine the effectiveness of the police throughout the society.”

He is of the view that political interference in the operation of the Police Force will affect the success of the entity.

“Politics should be removed from that aspect of law enforcement, if a citizen offends the law then just like any other citizen regardless of his position or calling in life, he ought to be treated in the same manner, he ought to be prosecuted if it is a case to be prosecuted just like any other citizen.”

Felix explained that based on reports in the media, the Skeldon Estate Manager continues to evade justice for his embarrassing behavior.

“I have been following news report of alleged misconduct and no action has been taken and it is unfortunate that the police man transferred hand to come in close proximity of the prosecution.”

The Estate Manager has in recent times been involved in a number of alleged public drunken scenarios. He was scheduled to appear in the Springlands Magistrate’s court on February 12 but did not show up.

The matter was subsequently adjourned and is expected to be heard on March 05. Kumar been charged with riotous behavior and assaulting a peace officer with intent to avoid arrest.