Feasibility study for new Demerara River crossing completed


Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, along with a team from the Ministry, and General Manager of the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation, Mr. Rawlston Adams, today met with LievenseCSO to discuss the feasibility study for the new Demerara River crossing.


Mr. Mol (second right) highlights location info to Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson (second left), Ministerial Advisor, Mr. Kenneth Jordan (right), and DHBC General Manager, Mr. Rawlston Adams.

Mr. Arie Mol of the Dutch company led a presentation of the concluded feasibility study, which commenced on January 15, 2017, a statement from the MPI said.

According to the MPI, in his presentation, Mr. Mol touched on a number of points, including river/marine traffic, river modelling, and economic and environmental considerations. He also highlighted a number of possible locations for the new River Crossing, including New Hope, Peter’s Hall, Eccles, and Houston, with lengths ranging from approximately 580 metres to just under 2,000 metres.

A more detailed presentation of the feasibility study is expected to be made at a later date. Additionally, draft reports will be made to Cabinet and then open to consultation by the second week of April.


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