‘FEAR STALKS THE LAND’ – PSC writes President on alarming crime situation

  • ‘We firmly believe citizens can no longer live in fear of their lives’ – PSC in letter to Granger

Amid an alarming crime situation that has progressively been spiraling  out of control in Guyana, the Private Sector Commission (PSC) has penned a letter to President David Granger in an attempt to have this situation addressed urgently by his Government and the relevant authorities.

President David Granger
President David Granger

According to the PSC and other members of the business community, they are “deeply disturbed about the current crime rate in the country”, especially with a month of festivities slated for the Golden Jubilee which is hoped to attract the Diaspora and others to participate in celebrations to mark Guyana’s 50th anniversary since it gained independence from Great Britain on May 26, 1966.

“This situation is also steadily eroding investor confidence. The PSC has met twice with the Honourable Minister of Public Security and with the Commissioner of Police to no avail. We firmly believe that the citizens of this country can no longer live in fear of their lives and a more aggressive strategy is needed to curb the high profile crimes which are headlined daily,” the PSC letter to the President stated.

The PSC emphasised that it is of the view that there is dire need of an approach which is focused on the prevention of crime in Guyana and that this approach must be communicated widely. We are cognisant of the fact that the current crime situation is not a recent phenomenon.  We also recognise that the ability of our Police Force to solve crimes has improved…we are therefore seeking an urgent audience with you,” PSC told President Granger in the letter.


  1. I think it’s admirable PSC is appealing to the Pres to take a close look at the crime situation…. May b with his busy schedule he isn’t aware of the crime sunamy.

  2. ‘FEAR STALKS THE LAND’ – PSC writes President on alarming crime situation
    de police will tell you that crime rate down big time since this new government was installed by a b c countries- gecom and pnc henchmen.
    police will now boast crimes down under their chosen government and the reason for that is the same police make up…with their government in charge now they will solve many crimes since most police knows most criminals..police had to do what they did in making ppp look like they cant tackle crimes and criminals..those people even went as far as not to pick up 911 calls under ppp regime.
    same police make up– their allegiance is with pnc and this is why ppp may never be able to govern guyana ever again. gdf –city happ people- firefighters all volunteered their time to clean up the stink they created to make ppp look bad. you have to be blind and very dumb not to know whom were making country ungovernable..the new AG and the passport minister both pnc top men on tape laughing how they divert police away from deadly crimes.

  3. Once the visitors stay on region 4 all will be well. Its east and west that is the oroblem. Hmmm

  4. I have been a Guyanese for more than thirty years now and I am so very much afraid to even come to the airport of Guyana because of the high crime rate there! The police have no skills in crime prevention; the past and present government have done and are not doing anything to severly punish these mindless, wicked and heartless men and women who are committing crimes and harbouring criminal elements. I really think the President should heed to the request of the PSC and put a working plan to rid the country of those worthless citizens who only bringing the image of Guyana down and let the honest and law abiding citizens get to live in peace and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

  5. Need to re-institute the death penalty for murder and the cat for robbery. Desmond Hoyte brought the crime wave to a halt by instituting these measures.


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