Father seeking justice for brutally murdered woman

Dead: Samantha Benjamin


Dead: Samantha Benjamin
Dead: Samantha Benjamin

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The father of Samantha Benjamin, who was found dismembered and mutilated on the Annandale foreshore is calling for the police to move with alacrity in the prosecution.

In a letter to the Editor, Gladstone Benjamin said that . At present this matter is proceeding slowly in the Vigilance Magistrate Court with numerous postponements due to insufficient and substandard work by the investigating team of policemen

Read the full letter below.


Dear Editor,

Please allow me to address you on a matter which of is of grave concern to us. I do hope by the time you finish reading the content of my humble epistle, your attention will be focused on the gravity and validity of our concerns.

I, the Father of Samantha Natasha Benjamin, the young lady that was murdered at Middle Walk Dam, Buxton Village East Coast Demerara (ECD), on March 25, 2015 and her body parts found dismembered, mutilated and spread across the Annandale seashore. At present this matter is proceeding slowly in the Vigilance Magistrate Court with numerous postponements due to insufficient and substandard work by the investigating team of policemen.

Undoubtedly, from the commencement of the investigation of the murder of my daughter Samantha, one of my close relatives was questioned. She kept constant contact with Samantha on a daily basis. This relative was questioned by a group of policemen at her home with the assumption that details taken would assist the Officers in their investigations. It must be noted that no details obtained this person were recorded or was she required to prepare a statement.

From April 8th to 15th, my wife and I were in Guyana for the funeral of my beloved daughter. On April 13th I called the Cove N John Police Station and spoke to Commander, Christopher Griffin concerning the nature of my visit and the manner in which the group of police officers were reluctantly carrying out their work. Commander Griffin emphatically expressed to me how disappointed he was in his officers and could not believe his ranks would do that type of work. He further indicated that the ranks were currently in the field and upon their return to the station he will enquire what was done

He requested contact information from me and reluctantly reassured me that he would contact me before the end of day. To date we have not received any calls from the reluctant Commander. The following day I called the then Crime Chief, Mr. James and after I started to layout my concerns and actions taken, he requested that I visit his office on Camp Street in Georgetown. My wife accompanied me to meet with Mr. James. Our lengthy discussion must have raised some degree of concern for him to summon the ranks from the Cove N John Station for a meeting at 17:00hrs. We were advised to return and so we did.

The then Crime Chief questioned the ranks in our presence; as to what actions were taken and why they failed to document or request a statement after lengthy questioning from my  close relative. Their response sounded clear and utterly unaccountable as they said “it wasn’t necessary”, in a very dismissive tone. We were all astonished.

Here are our concerns. Firstly, a certain man was there to do some work and we strongly believe that his tools were used in the dismemberment of my beloved daughter’s body. Why wasn’t a statement taken?

Secondly, why wasn’t a documented statement taken from the man that transported Samantha’s body parts to the seashore and how gullible can a man be to empty a wheelbarrow and not look at its content? Conspiracy! Investigated! Thirdly, Why wasn’t the woman found with Samantha’s laptop and cellphone in her possession not interrogated?

Fourthly, there were many calls and messages communicated from Samantha’s phone. Yet the investigating officers claimed to have requested a court order for the information from the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company. Sad to say but, the number was recorded as a Digicel number. This added additional postponement in the case. Fifthly, why weren’t the two (2) men that Kevin Ramsawack named as assisting him in killing my daughter released? Were statements taken and compared?  Why wasn’t the visiting mechanic who saw blood coming through the flooring thereafter, not questioned about his acquaintances?

A lot of questions are still unanswered and as civil minded citizens we expect the officers of the Guyana Police Force to be morally justified and the Rule of law upheld through their actions. As a grief ridden Father there isn’t much that can be said to offer comfort knowing that your child was removed from this world through such brutal actions. My fond memories help me remember Samantha for who she really was and my heart hurt in remembering what was savagely left. In my opinion, the actions of the investigating policemen are unacceptable and this is hindering prosecution. A few weeks ago Commandant Griffin made a statement on HGPTV channel 16 indicating that he realised that the labourer, Ramsawak could not of murdered my daughter alone, but there is not enough evidence to charge the other two suspects that were released because of the lack of DNA in the country and he also agree with the advice of the DPP to charge only Kevin Ramsawack.

 Gladstone Benjamin



  1. First off my condolences to Mr Benjamin. Early this year I start focus my attention on guyana and it system, because the elections were close and I was really hoping for a change in government which I’m over joy they were. Secondly I’m a guyanese citizen leave Guyana when I was 10, now I’m in my late 20’s and I haven’t been back there since, even though I’m planning to be there before the year end. But what scared me about guyana is that I haven’t seen any professionalism in police officers the law or anything when it comes to guyana, there’s no justice there, people do has they like and it just becomes a norm, politicians do as they like say what they like and still hold they big positions. The only thing the court takes serious is small crimes like drugs, but people murdering people left right and center and investigators are so lame they don’t know how to investigate a crime seen what a joke, something must be done on the way the law is being handle more persons need to be charge, but then again the court system is a joke so I ain’t see nothing serious happening in Guyana for a while. I just hope that this government make a difference, we need intelligent police officers and investigators, they are 2 much unsolved crimes, guyana have less than 1 million people and yet the country can’t go right.


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