Father seeking assistance to raise G$50M for daughter’s life-saving operation

Mikelle Brutus and her father, Michael Brutus

Thirteen-year-old Mikelle Brutus was diagnosed with a brain tumour that is progressively paralysing her body and without the G$50 million treatment required, her situation will eventually become life-threatening.

Mikelle Brutus and her father, Michael Brutus
Mikelle Brutus and her father, Michael Brutus

Mikelle is already having difficulties using her right hand and her right leg is practically deformed because of the rare brain tumour known as Glioma. Based upon professional advice, she needs to undergo radiology and chemotherapy treatment, which will cost approximately G$50 million, but her family has only succeeded in raising G$3 million. Her father, Michael Brutus, during an interview with the Guyana Times International, pleaded with kind-hearted citizens and corporate Guyana to help save the life of a person who has only now started to live.

“(Hers) is an innocent life under siege by this virus, this killer, this monster virus,” he noted. The teenager was diagnosed with the tumour in July last, and since, her parents have been engaging various neurosurgeons on possible treatment plans or surgeries to save their eldest daughter’s life. They consulted with the Caribbean’s Chief Neurosurgeon, Dr Ivor Crandon who advised that the tumour was inoperable.

The family was subsequently contacted by a team of neurosurgeons from Miami and Puerto Rico who recommended radiology and chemotherapy to get rid of the tumour, which is very aggressive and dangerous.

The surgeons pegged the cost of the surgery at approximately US$172,000, but cautioned that the fee may be inflated. Taking into consideration travelling expenses, accommodation and meals, as well as unforeseen expenses, Brutus rounded the overall cost to about G$50 million.

He reminded that time was of the essence and implored everyone to contribute to saving his little girl’s life.

Brutus has already raised G$3 million, of which G$1 million came from the Government through the Public Health Ministry. But he was extremely disappointed with their support. “Even though they have a policy for which G$1 million is allotted for medical cases, I do believe they should take into consideration extreme cases because G$35–$50 million is a very tall target,” he explained.

He was also heartbroken that some multibillion-dollar commercial entities and religious organisations that preach the message of love turned their backs on helping to save a life. Nonetheless, Brutus is not discouraged and is adamant in doing everything in his limited powers to save his daughter’s life.

“I gotta be strong for my daughter and I intend to be. I declare every day that I will not bury my daughter. In my old age, my daughter must bury me,” he expressed. As for young Mikelle, though saddened by her condition, she is handling the situation very bravely.

“Well, I am a little sad… I am sad for not getting to ride a bike like my sisters and brothers, not getting to write properly like my sisters and brothers… but I know Jesus will heal me,” she said.

The family can be contacted on 694-6500 or 231-5545 or funds can be transferred to their Republic Bank Account, 2653475. (Story taken from Guyana Times) 




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