Father of two reportedly drowns at sea – fishing boat crew in custody


A three-year-old child and an eight-month old toddler are now fatherless after their dad reportedly fell overboard at sea and drowned  on Saturday last.

rough-waterReports are that Sherwin Wilson had left his Riverview, Ruimveldt, residence on a fishing boat heading for neighbouring Venezuela to barter hassar for fuel from the Spanish speaking country when he met his demise.

According to his wife, Faye, her husband was not a fisherman by trade, and this was the second time he had ever ventured out at sea to earn a living.

However, this was the first occasion on which her 26-year-old husband left with this new Captain and crew, she said.

Wilson had notified his family that this trip would last for three weeks at sea. “The Captain and crewmen all say he get cramp and fell overboard and I know he used to get cramps long, long time ago so maybe it could have been that. I am not blaming anyone but when the Post Mortem (PM) finish today then we will know how he died; but still, it could just say drowning killed him,” Faye explained to INews.

She stated that at present the entire crew which went out to sea with her husband along with their Captain is in police custody assisting with investigations into the matter.

Faye told this online publication that her family is struggling to have a proper wake and funeral for Wilson but the Captain of the boat has promised to assist in some form.

“Our family is trying to be alright but we don’t have enough money to do these things alone and my husband went out to work for money since we have two young children to maintain. I don’t work either, he was the only breadwinner. We are trying to be alright,” the young woman lamented. (Kristen Macklingam)


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