Father of 8 remanded for escaping Police custody


A horse cart driver and father of eight found himself before the Court of Law in Georgetown earlier today (Monday) facing two charges-escaping Police custody and fraudulent conversion- one charge which saw him being remanded to prison.

Paul Archer, 47, of Lot 562 Cummingslodge, East Coast Demerara (ECD) admitted to escaping from the Kitty Police Station on April 5 2018, where he was being held for fraudulently converting monies given to him by Lelowtie Persaud on October 14 2018.

Archer told Magistrate Leron Daly, who he appeared before, that he did escape Police custody after he was being held for six days.

He however denied that he converted the money, $30,000 which he received after selling a Honda Pump for Persaud.

The Virtual Complainant (VC) in that matter told the Court that she did not wish to pursue the charges laid against Archer and as such that matter was dismissed.

As Magistrate Daly was about to sentenced the accused for the escaping custody charge, he began to plead for leniency.

“I begging you, I had my eight children at home…the oldest is 13 and the youngest 4 and I had to get home to provide for them,” Archer pleaded.

When told that his guilty plea would see him being jailed, Archer changed his plea to that of a not guilty one.

Police Prosecutor, Richard Harris objected to bail being granted revealing that the accused is a flight risk and was recaptured on the streets as he had not return to his home when he escaped from the Police Station.

As such, bail was refused and Archer is scheduled to make his second Court appearance on April 27 2018.



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