Father of 3 gets 16 yrs for killing reputed wife, 8 yrs for wounding her brother


A father of three was given two sentences, for stabbing to death his reputed wife and for later attacking and injuring her brother, by Justice Navindra Singh at the High Court on Tuesday.

MURDERED: Monica Adams

Thirty-one-year-old, Paul Scotland committed the act on January 3 2014 at the woman’s mother’s Paradise, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home.

He reportedly killed the mother of his three children, Monica Adams by attacking and stabbing her several times to her body in the presence of her minor children.

When her younger brother, then 16-year-old Charles Elliott had intervened to stop the killing, he turned on the young man and also stabbed the teen once before fleeing.

The two, Scotland and Adams had been reportedly involved in a rocky relation which was ended by Adams over abusive behaviour by Scotland.

JAILED: Paul Scotland


On the day in question at about 19:00h, the woman, her children, sibling and others were watching television when Scotland barged into their home, grabbed Adam’s hair and dragged her to the backyard.

In an effort to save his sister, Elliott picked up a metal pipe and dealt Scotland a lash but this did not stop the man from carrying out the gruesome act.

Relatives had told Police that Scotland refused to allow Adams to end the relationship and had promised to kill her.

In the Court hearing on Tuesday, the accused who was represented by Attorney at Law, Dexter Todd told the Court that he was sorry for what he had done.

Further, Scotland apologized for what happened and said “it was out of frustration by coming and witnessing woman with another man…I beg for mercy, Charles I never meant what happened”.

However in handing down the sentence, Singh told Scotland that he reacted badly and should have walked away.

He was the sentenced to 16 years in prison for the woman’s killing and 8 years for injuring Elliott. However, both sentences are to be ran concurrently.


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