Father jailed for 20 years for killing son trying to save mother from being abused

Jailed for killing son: Mohan “Wire” Sookdeo

A father, who fatally stabbed his 21-year-old son after he tried to save his mother from being abused, was on Tuesday handed a 20-year sentence for the unlawful killing of the young man.

Satesh Kevin Sookdeo, of Lot 217 Fifth Street, Foulis, East Coast Demerara (ECD), was stabbed to death during an argument with his father, 46-year-old Mohan “Wire” Sookdeo, in September of 2018.

It was reported that the now-convicted man and his wife were involved in an argument during which he grabbed her by the neck and began choking her.

Upon seeing this, the now-dead young man and another sibling intervened, but this angered the father more, who subsequently broke a louvre pane and stabbed the youngster to his chest.

Neighbours rushed to the family’s aid after hearing screams but by then, it was too late since the younger Sookdeo had already succumbed to the stab wounds.

A Post-Mortem Examination performed on his body proved that he died from perforation to the lung as a result of the stab wound to his chest.

The older Sookdeo appeared before Justice Sandil Kissoon at the Demerara High Court, where he pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter but was initially charged with the capital offence of murder.

Dead: Satesh Kevin Sookdeo

The charge read that on September 8, 2018, at Foulis, ECD, he unlawfully killed his son, Satesh Kevin Sookdeo.

Attorney-at-Law Maxwell McKay represented the convict, while prosecutor Tuanna hardy represented the State.

Justice Kissoon, after handing down the sentence, ordered that the time Sookdeo spent on remand be deducted.