Father-in-law confesses to killing daughter’s husband- Police


A father-in-law who was taken into police custody along with other family members after his son-in-law was discovered dead following an alleged argument between the two has reportedly confessed to the murder.

Dead: Muneshwar Bisnauth

Police Public Relations Officer, Jairam Ramlakhan confirmed that the accused took officers to the area where he hid the wood which he used to strike 23-year-old Muneshwar Bisnauth.

Bisnauth of Air Hall Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara (ECD) died on Sunday night after it was reported to the Police that he fell as a result of being drunk.

According to those reports, the young father along with his wife visited her parents Mahaicony home where they were imbibing.

However, a heated argument broke out between him and his father-in-law around 18:30hrs on the said night. The man was allegedly unhappy with the relationship between Bisnauth and his daughter.

Bisnauth’s lifeless body was later discovered lying in the yard with a gaping wound to the head.

The dead man’s father relayed a few hours after his son left the home in which they shared, he received a call informing him to check on his son.

He reported that when he got to the location, he saw his son lying on the ground and was told that he fell.

“Them say that he bin a walk and he fall down and me go and me see am and he look dead. Me tell them so ayo call Police cause that boy nah look nice,” he added.

The elder Bisnauth related that after he told his daughter-in-law to call the Police it was related that his son was involved in an argument with his in-laws and was leaving in a haste when he slipped.

When the Police arrived, they began questioning the wife and her parents whose stories could not add up. They were subsequently taken into Police custody where they remained.

The dead man’s relatives related that neighbours would have said that Muneshwar was involved in an intense argument with his in-laws with loud cursing and shouting followed by a scream and then silence.

A post mortem examination is expected to be conducted on Wednesday.


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