Father begs runaway 14 – Y – O to return home


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Safiyyah Sookram
Safiyyah Sookram

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Fourteen – year – old Safiyyah Sookram has been missing for the past four (4) days after leaving her Schoonard, West Bank Demerara home on Monday (December, 01) unknowing to her family.

According to the teenager’s father Shazad Sookram, the girl left home unknowing to her mother and was later seen walking a short distance from home by several villagers.

Sookram said the family was told that the teen was seen in Sophia, Greater Georgetown; however, after making several checks the family came up empty handed. He told iNews that it was the last time they heard of her whereabouts.

This is not the first time the teen has ran away from home but would usually return or be found in a day.

The father became emotional as he pleaded for the safe return of his daughter. “We miss her, we love her, were not angry or upset with her and we just want her to come home and be safe.”

The father says he has no clue as to what could have occurred with his now missing child. He is now begging the public to help him find his daughter.

Persons who may have information on Safiyyah’s whereabouts can call her family on telephone numbers 645-6338/617-7709 or the nearest police station.



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  3. Father, please leave everything what you are doing and go find your child.
    Get everyone involved.
    Get all family members and close friends.
    Talk to her close friends.
    Talk to any male friends.
    Do not let up.
    Don’t forget to pray!


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