Fatal stabbing: Kitty vendor died from ‘perforation of the heart’- PME


A post mortem examination with dissection was performed on the body of Richard Noel, the 22-year-old vendor of 39 William Street, kitty who died at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was stabbed, and determined that the cause of death was perforation of the heart due to a stab wound.

Dead: Richard Noel

This publication was informed that Noel’s body was identified by his mother Geranium Cliffe and has since been handed over to the relatives for burial.

Noel was fatally stabbed at about 13:30h on Monday during a confrontation in the vicinity of the Stabroek Market.

INews understands that Noel and the suspect, a resident of Barr Street, Kitty, had a heated argument during which the stabbing occurred. Noel had reportedly confronted the suspect for assaulting his sister.

The dead man’s brother, Tremaine Mc Curdy, told this publication that sometime after the incident occurred, someone went to their home and related the news to Noel’s mother, who has been devastated by the loss of her son.

“We hear from eyewitnesses that he and one of his friends had a lil talking but he didn’t had no time with the friend and he turn away. The friend rush to he and when he turn around, the friend give he two premeditated jook to he heart and he fall down,” the brother related.

According to McCurdy, they were told that his brother was left on the scene, bleeding out for about over 30 minutes before he was finally picked up in an unconscious state and rushed to the GPHC, where he died sometime around 21:00h while receiving medical attention.

Mc Curdy further related what he knew of the argument that ensued between his brother and the suspect.

“There was a conflict some days ago between Richard’s sister and the [suspect], who confronted the sister on the street a day and they had a talking, and like he hit the girl. So Richard go to confront [the suspect] about what’s the problem between he and his sister, and like they had a hard talking,” the young man explained.

He went on to note, however, that he is not sure if that was the reason behind Monday’s confrontation. “I don’t know if it’s why they had the scuffle over or a past scene because the two of them were in jail before so I don’t know if it’s a problem in jail or whatsoever make it happen,” Mc Curdy said.

Since the incident, the suspect has reportedly gone into hiding. This publication was told that the Police searched his residence but came up empty-handed. Nevertheless, investigations are ongoing.


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