Family wants justice following fatal Phagwah night accident


A Better Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD) family is pleading with the relevant authorities to ensure justice is meted out, following the loss of one of its members in an accident which occurred on Monday last on the Le Ressouvenir Railway Embankment Road.
The accident resulted in the death of a 58-year-old motorcyclist Motiram Deonarine of Lot 65 Zohora Street, Better Hope. His wife, 57-year-old Bibi Deonarine, who was a pillion rider on the bike, sustained serious injuries.

Motiram Deonarine and his wife in happier times

According to the couple’s son, Ricky Deonarine, his parents were returning home after Phagwah celebrations at relatives in Mon Repos, ECD, when the accident occurred sometime before 18:30hrs. According to him, eyewitnesses related to him that two cars were speeding along the Railway Embankment road, when one attempted to overtaken the other. However, another vehicle was coming in the opposition direction, forcing the overtaking vehicle to retreat back into its lane.
As the car – bearing registration number PLL 2194 – tried to merge into the lane, it collided with the back of the motorcyclist. One eyewitness claimed that upon impact, Motiram was flung several feet away onto a concrete bridge, while his wife fell unto the bonnet of the car as the vehicle kept moving.
The witness explained that the woman fell off the car and onto the roadway several feet away, with the vehicle coming to a stop an additional few feet from where the woman fell.

The eyewitness continued that he immediately rushed to the unconscious motorcyclist, who had sustained a broken leg and his chest swollen. The man related that he administered CPR, who after regaining consciousness, provided a contact number for his family and they were informed about the accident.
The couple was then rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital – the wife still unconscious – where they were both listed as critical. Motiram sustained broken legs and ribs which punctured his organs. He subsequently died on Tuesday at around 15:00hrs.
A post-mortem examination on his body further revealed that his hip was dislocated and he had spinal injuries. Meanwhile, his wife, who sustained a fracture to her pelvis, was discharged from the hospital but remains bedridden.

The mangled motor car and the motorcycle following the accident

According to the son of the deceased, the Police was informed about the death of his father but two days later, the driver of the car responsible for the accident was released on $100,000 station bail, instead of being charged.
Commander of C Division, Marlon Chapman, has been reported as saying that charges have not been instituted as yet since investigations into the accident are still ongoing.
However, Ricky believes the Police are dragging their feet on the matter. In fact, he told this newspaper that when the Police returned to the accident scene the following day, the driver of the car was misinforming them about strategic points of the accident.
“The driver was showing them the part where my mother fall and telling them that that’s where he hit the bike and the stop a little further up. He the eyewitnesses say he hit them way further from where my mother fell off the car,” the distressed man stated.
Ricky is urging that all efforts be expedited so that his family can get justice for the death of his father and the injuries his mother is now forced to live with.


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