Family shocked at death of bandit; unaware of his involvement in criminal acts

Dead: Delroy Cort
Dead: Delroy Cort
Dead: Delroy Cort

[] – The family of the Corentyne man that was reportedly involved in a robbery at the No.61 village beach is speechless at the revelation.

Twenty – three – year old Delroy Cort of Manchester Village, Corentyne was shot dead on Wednesday, July 29 during a shootout with ranks of the Guyana Police Force.

Relatives of Cort said that they are shocked to learn of his death as he left home after lunch on Wednesday to go on the road. Cort, who is Pork Knocker, has been away from the interior since Easter. However, he has never been fingered or placed before the court for any criminal offence. Hence, the discovery has left the family baffled.

A sister said they learn of Cort’s death after 18:00 hrs when they received telephone calls from a number of persons who are known to the family. At around 21:00hrs, a group of family members ventured to the Skeldon Hospital Mortuary where they positively identified the body. A post mortem examination is expected to be performed shortly.

The police were on a mobile patrol when two victims of a robbery ran out of some bushes and told officers that they were robbed by two armed men. iNews was informed by police sources that they summoned backup immediately and came into contact with the bandits, who opened fire on the police.

However, several officers took cover, while others were engaged in the shootout.

During the shootout, Cort was fatally shot and pronounced dead on arrival at the Skeldon Hospital.

According to a police report, at about 14:15 hrs, ranks of a mobile patrol were informed by a man and a woman that they were held up by two men armed with shotguns in the No. 61 Village Beach Area, Corentyne, and who took away their cash, jewellery and two cell phones.

The police responded and caught up with the men during which the ranks came under fire. The police returned fire fatally wounding Cort, while accomplice managed to escape.

An unlicensed 12 gauge shotgun along with 2 cartridges and the two stolen cell phones were recovered by the police.

Police are hunting for the other suspect as their investigations continue.




  1. Well well all of u saying wat y’all want if he robe these ppl n police shot him y nobody in the area did not hear gun shots only God knows but let me say dat we all have families so check ur family before u check others y’all maybe thieves in other form murders child molesters Etc so show me the perfect family you have and don’t even talk about training a child like I said check ur family y’all maybe worse amen

  2. Just another killing by the police, If the police had kill Delroy Cort last year we know
    what Granger would be saying to the then Government.

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more…Why think of a criminal family, when it is the innocent and God loving people who have to be scared for their lives, because some criminals want to rob them and end their lives because they come with fire arms..Give us the fire arms let us protect ourselves and shoot them

  4. @Quanna well you put yourself in those victims position that got robbed or the family. how you would you feel if the bandit kill them? showing no sympathy for bandits and also rapes (y)

  5. It starts with little things when growing up; the child brings home something that he did not go out with and no question is asked. Well this is the way that story ends up or so I think. To the relatives I say train up the children well from an early age and you would not have to go through this in the future

  6. Hmmmmmm
    It could have been any of u guys family,every cow cry for them own caff, so stop judging, u guys don’t knw nun about the family so stop,and even if he gives the money to the fam , they r innocent,they knw nothing.
    Y’all need to think before u talk.
    Put ur selves in the position of that guy’s family at the moment,jus to hav the feeling of a loss in tha family, especially someone that is immediate family, no matter how bad the person is.
    God is the judge of man’s action, not us……we should be careful of the things we say about others, for they can fall back on us.

  7. It’s kinda sad how people die a nasty wat but then these are the ones that makes us Guyanese afraid to walk around in our own village, even afraid to be out too late in the night in our own yard. Every night they make us feel so afraid in our own house also. So theirs always an end to everything and I hope the police find these culprits and give them the punishment they deserve.

  8. Why are the family crying crocodile tears? He lived by the sword and therefore died by it. THE END.

  9. How the hell his family do not know he is a bandit. They does do them dirty work and carry the money and fatten the family,,


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