Family seeking assistance to locate missing Berbice man

Missing, Radish Baljit

Fifty-one-year-old Radish Baljit of Corriverton, Corentyne Berbice who suffers from a speech impediment has gone missing since Saturday last without a trace.

Baljit reportedly left his sister’s home at Number 59 Village and has not been seen since. His sister, Naline Budhu told Inews that her brother suffers from a speech impediment and cannot hear too well.

On the day her brother went missing, his sister was at the market and it is believed that the man opened the gate and wandered off.

The missing man has been living with his sister for the past six weeks after he was discharged from hospital. He was hospitalised for three days following an accident along the Corriverton Public Road.

After he was discharged from the hospital, his sister took the responsibility to care for him.

“When he come his head swell and black and blue and one of his eyes turn small and  couldn’t walk at all. He get a severe knock in his head and he could only creep and he doing everything one place,” the sister noted.

Budhu further said that the swelling on her brother’s face had gone down and he was able to walk. This improvement she noted, allowed her to be able to take care of her business.

However, on the day her brother went missing, she explained “I went to Skeldon and when I come back the neighbours tell me that they see meh brother going that side, and that is ‘Town’ side he heading for.”

It is believed that Baljit might have taken the wrong direction to his home. As such, the sister stated that she searched for her brother but to no avail.

She then went to the Number 51 Police Station where she made a missing person’s report but was advised to continue searching for him. The following day she returned to the Police Station.

“They take my report and I ask them if they can cooperate with me and let the patrol help me look when they looking night time because he is not so sound. The police were very hoggish to me and tell me that that is not their job, let me go and look for my brother myself.”

Baljit has now turned to the public for assistance to locate her brother. Anyone with information about his whereabouts are asked to contact the family on telephone numbers 338-1371, 653-9328 or 688-0206.