Family of slain police constable receive $1M


slain cop[] –Minister of State, Joseph Harmon has revealed that the children and mother of slain Police Constable, Antonio Dawson will receive one million dollars from the Government of Guyana.

Harmon on Thursday, December 10, 2015 told a post cabinet media briefing that its most recent meeting had approved payment of the sum of monies to the family.

He said that Cabinet deliberated on this matter extensively and recognised that in circumstances where persons have given service to the disciplined services, the government needs to ensure that in the event of their death, stronger regime of measures have to be put in place that will take care of the families of those persons who die in the line of duty.

Constable Dawson, attached to the Impact Base attempted to make an arrest at the Gafoors Complex, Houston, East Bank Demerara when he was stabbed about his upper body by the suspect, who then committed suicide.

According to Police, ranks on a marine patrol in the Demerara River, acting on information received, went to the Houston Fishing Wharf, EBD, where they saw a man acting in a suspicious manner.

The ranks approached him and during an attempt to conduct a search, the man forcibly resisted and assaulted one of the police ranks. He walked away and proceeded to an area in the vicinity of the Gafoors Complex where he was approached by ranks on a mobile police patrol that had responded to give assistance.

During efforts to arrest him, the man pulled out a knife and stabbed Constable Dawson. Police say that varying quantities of cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy were found in the suspect’s pants pockets.



  1. That’s better than nothing,but is just not enough for someone who is putting their life on the line to protect and serve.,what about $ 10 million GT..

  2. What happened to the amount of monies collected in the United States by the current commissioner for the purpose of increasing this financial contribution to the family?

  3. US$5000 for a police officer killed in the line of duty is better than nothing, but in the grander scheme of things, it is not enough of a compensation.
    A private or constable who dies in the line of duty should be posthumously promoted and his legal or common law wife and kids should be entitled to a monthly or quarterly pension for his or her service.
    The taxable pension should be 75% of his monthly earning at the time of death.
    The reasoning here is that no one knows what level in the force the deceased could have attained had he not been cut down, so a pension should cater for that kind of lost possibility or opportunity.

  4. remember the men who died in Linden disturbance a few years ago its same people say the money offered was not enough. now we have an officer who died in the line of duty being offered far less where is the justice.


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