Family of electrocuted 25 – Y – O demands $3 – 5M compensation


 By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Dead: Leroy Francis Harris
Dead: Leroy Francis Harris

[] –Family members of 25 – year – old Leroy Francis Harris, who was electrocuted while  working on top of a three – storey building in the city are calling for justice since they believe the Company is taking advantage of them.

Harris was employed with Readymix Concrete Ltd and was electrocuted on December 03 when he came into contact with a live wire at the top of the building in Evans Street, Charlestown, Georgetown.

The family was told that six other workers were on the roof at the time of the incident. His mother, Patricia Kirton told iNews that Harris worked as Labourer with the Company for nine months and the Company  only offered to pay $300,000 for his funeral and $100,000 for his wake.

The family is demanding that the Company commit to financially support Harris’s seven month old son until he is 18 – years – old. They are looking for compensation between the sum of $3 to $5M.

“What we need is compensation for this young man because he died on the site, on the job…because he is dead and this child is still there at seven months old; that responsibility becomes the mother’s.”

The woman explained that her son’s death is a big blow to the family.

“It got everybody sick…my mother which is Leroy grandmother fell sick so it’s a real blow to the family and not only the family but the village and everybody even some fellow workmen at his workplace…we want justice and just to be treated properly and compensation not just a burial for my son because his child has to live,” the frustrated mother said.

Harris lived in Plaisance Squatting Area, East Coast Demerara with his girlfriend and son. He was the second of three children.



  1. fight for that amount of money yes but who will administer it for the baby?
    let the company do it..then hear them cry for something else..
    a woman in the states left her kids in a hot boiling car.
    she was charged and brought before the court..
    she told the judge she left the kids in the car to go fill an application for a job..
    arite tha was a great excuse..but others saw her plight and donated over one hundred thousand to her..the judge ordered her to put forty thousand in trust for her kids education and she can live off the rest..she agreed arite..
    well well well..a few days ago it was reported…she blew the entire wad…shes broke…she is white mouth and so is her kids..she even spent big money on her baby daddies..she spent a lot on hair weaves and was dining in fancy restaurants..wooooooooo she really woooped it up..U bet this will have if this amount they asking for is being paid out…raising the kid is just a ploy to win hearts minds and big money..


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