Family, friends want justice for 17-Y-0 killed in Sheriff Street accident

Family and friends protesting at the Square of the Revolution. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Family and friends protesting at the Square of the Revolution. [iNews' Photo]
Family and friends protesting at the Square of the Revolution. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Family and friends of the 17-year-old, who was killed after a vehicle drove into his CG motorcycle on Thursday night (November 26), are protesting for justice.

Travis Bollers died while receiving treatment at Georgetown Public Hospital on Friday morning as doctors battled to save his life. Bollers was reportedly riding along Sheriff Street with his cousin, Quacy McAlman in tow when a white pick-up truck came out of a street and struck them.

iNews understands that the incident occurred sometime after 23:00 hrs and according to reports, Bollers and the cousin were pitched from the motorcycle.

Family members at the protest on Tuesday, December 01, 2015 at the Square of the Revolution, said they believe the police force is not doing enough to capture the man behind the wheels of the truck.

Dead: Travis Bollers
Dead: Travis Bollers

The man had reportedly parked his vehicle after the accident, got out, looked at the bleeding Bollers and then went back to the vehicle and drove off in a fury.

His brother, Ian Bollers indicated that he received information that the driver of the vehicle lives in Ogle, East Coast Demerara; however he was not able to get a specific address.

McAlman, who was the pillion rider in the accident, said that the truck gave them little time to react hence them being hit from the rear.

“By time I close me eye and open it back is pon the ground I deh,” said McAlman adding that he immediately sought to assist his cousin who was bleeding from the head.

The youngster explained that several attempts were made to solicit assistance from a nearby GR Taxi branch; however drivers at the base refused to transport the lad to the hospital.

This is despite an offer to pay whatever the taxi would charge for the fare. He noted that his cousin was left on the road for more than half an hour before a woman passing by in her vehicle stopped to render assistance.

“I feel if we been get assistance before he life coulda have saved, yea cause is nuff blood he lose pon the road deh.”




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