Family demands swift justice after villager reportedly rapes girl, 12


Some two months after a 12-year-old was raped by a fellow villager on her way to bible classes, a distraught family is still awaiting justice as the alleged perpetrator remains free within the community.

INews was told that on April 10, the young girl who resides in a small indigenous settlement in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), had left home at around 13:45hrs to attend classes at the community church which is located a 15-minute walk from her house.

Whilst walking to church, the girl was approached by a fellow villager who is in his 20s.

Reports are that the man persuaded her to take a detour route through a bushy track.

Sometime during the journey, the man reportedly told the child he wanted to have sex with her and she refused. The man then allegedly threatened to beat her if she does not agree.

At this point, the girl reportedly agreed. After the man reportedly raped the child, he began to laugh and claimed that “all them lil ones got to pass through me”. After the act was allegedly committed, the man left and the child made her way to bible classes.

On May 2, the child decided to confide in an older sibling who lives in the same village. The child related that she was pregnant and she was scared to tell her guardians of what had happened.

The older sibling, however, reported the matter to the child’s guardians who began to question the girl on what transpired.

The child related that on April 21, the alleged rapist’s brother approached her and gave her a pregnancy test with instructions on how to use it.

After taking the test, the girl said she handed it back to him, since she did not understand how to read the results. The alleged rapist’s brother then gave the girl two tablets to drink to terminate the pregnancy. The girl said she took the pills and later that night, she began to bleed.

After listening to the child’s report, her guardians visited the home of the perpetrators on May 3 where their mother alone was at home. The mother, who is said to be a village councillor, reportedly claimed that her sons were not at home but were rather, working in the interior. The matter was also reported to the police and the village Toshao.

On June 8, the family received word that the brothers were seen in the village. As such, the family went to get the police but by the time they returned to the area, the perpetrators were already hiding.

“The officers then searched the home and found no one else but an uncle of the suspects who lied to the police and said that the suspects left for the interior three days prior however this was nothing more than a big lie , because my child mother along with the child and other villagers saw the suspects at their home just a few hours before the police arrived,” a relative related.

A family member explained to this publication that the situation is troubling and they are extremely worried about the child’s mental wellbeing. The family member noted that the girl is currently traumatized and she now experiences panic attacks.

“Well on my part I would like for the child get justice and for this to be an example to other pedophiles out there,” the relative expressed.

Commander Crystal Robinson, when contacted, confirmed that the matter is under investigation and the brothers are wanted by police for questioning.