Family concerned as man goes missing after ECD accident

Reonol Williams


Reonol Williams, a 50-year-old construction worker of Enmore, East Coast Demerara (ECD), has gone missing after he was picked up at an accident scene under the impression that he was going to be taken to a medical facility to receive treatment.

Williams was involved in an accident along the East Coast Demerara Public Road on May 23.

The driver of the vehicle that was involved in the accident reportedly picked up the injured man and promised to take him to the hospital, but Williams has not been heard from or seen since.

Contacted on Wednesday, his sister, Sylvie Williams related that she had last seen her brother alive on Sunday, May 22. However, in the wee hours of May 23, she received information that he was involved in an accident.

She said Williams was hit by a car as he disembarked a taxi.

“According to a person who was at the scene, the car struck him down, and then the same car pick up him, (the driver) claiming that he’s going to the hospital with him,” she said.

The woman related that she and other relatives had gone to check for her brother at the Georgetown Public Hospital, but he was not there. They, however, thought that he had been taken to a private hospital, but after checking all of the private hospitals in Georgetown, they still could not locate him.

Their only option was to check with the Police, on whether they had received any report of the accident.

“The Police said they are investigating it, but I haven’t heard any word from Police to date. I was there Saturday, but I haven’t heard from them since then,” she related. “We are searching for him…up to Wednesday we were in the other village. We’re searching all around,” she added.

Meanwhile, the man’s brother-in-law, Leslie Kaladin said the car was later found abandoned in another village, and was impounded by Police, and the owner was later arrested.

“The owner of the car got a flimsy story,” Kaladin declared.

He explained that the owner reportedly told Police that he was in the interior at the time of the accident and that on the day in question, one of his nephews was driving the vehicle.

“The Police holding on to the alibi that the nephew was driving the car, and the uncle, who is the owner of the car, don’t even know the nephew’s name, he only knows the nephew by ‘Boy’, he doesn’t know no other name for the nephew,” Kaladin said.

Williams’ family related that the owner of the car was released on bail. The family is now growing frustrated, as members continue to search for the missing man.