Falmouth woman attacked by ‘berserk’ friend dies


The woman who was yesterday attacked by a family friend who went berserk has succumbed to her injuries, while her husband and son are still battling for their lives.

The woman, 56, was stabbed about her body several times by the 23-year-old family friend, who subsequently took his own life.

The perpetrator also reportedly stabbed the woman’s 15-year-old son and her husband who are still hospitalised.

He had also raped the woman’s 14-year-old daughter.

Reports are that on Tuesday night, the family of Falmouth Village along the Essequibo River hosted his birthday celebration where the suspect, along with others, were consuming alcohol.

However, around 02:30h on Wednesday, the teen girl and her parents retired to bed.

The girl’s 15-year-old brother and the suspect were left watching television.

However, shortly after, the suspect armed himself with a knife and slashed the boy to his neck.

He then proceeded to the bedroom where the teen girl and her parents were sleeping.

The suspect dealt several stabs about the bodies of the couple, who managed to escape, leaving the teen girl behind.

According to the police, the suspect then allegedly sexually assaulted the girl but she later managed to run out of the house.

When the family went back into the house, they saw their friend hanging from a beam.



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