Fallen Heroes Foundation officially launched; over $3M donated


IMG_1531[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force in collaboration with the Cops and Faith Community Network on November 05, 2015 established a foundation that will forever benefit the families of ranks who would have died in the line of duty.

A police release noted that at a simple ceremony, Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud, stood in front of a packed auditorium at the Police Officers Training Center and launched the Guyana Police Force Fallen Heroes Foundation Inc.

“The Foundation, a brain child of the Commissioner and the first of its kind in the Caribbean has received overwhelming support from a wide cross section of society and the government of Guyana,” the release noted.

Speaking on the ideas behind the initiative, Commissioner Persaud reflected on the last four passing of ranks in the line of duty – Ellias, Cleto, Pantlitz and Dawson – and their families who are left without any hope of financial support to continue their lives.

“President of the Foundation, Reverend Raphael Massiah said that he and all the other members of the Foundation, who were drawn from the Force’s Cops and Faith Network together with a Business Executive, are all proud to be a part of the body that will be responsible for bringing about positive changes in the lives of the families of slain police ranks,” the police release stated.

It was noted that Minister of Social Protection, Volda Lawrence pledged her Ministry’s support, pointing out that she understands the pain persons go through when they lose a loved one. She also made a donation to the foundation personally and another on behalf of the Ministry.

At the conclusion of the launch, donations were made by representatives of several private companies and businesses inclusive of Roraima Group of Companies and Industrial Safety Supplies, totaling in excess of three million seven hundred thousand dollars (3,700,000).



  1. You failures who fail to answer the call by your own lost PPP since 92 to join and serve the armed forces are going to be targeted because the criminal elements know how weak and afraid you are, just look at your daily ranting and raving and hate exploding from you inner self all because a GUYANESE of another ethnic background is president, as I said to you many times tell me one thing of benefit to the country’s development you did, Thanks to the 1 free laptop program and Kwamy you are able to expose how RACIST and stupid you are, How many like you live on free money? Your hate is only going to get worse and i am afraid for you come next election, the results can send you into worse depression and you know the answer to that,DK/west dem reality is simple, voters don’t count,Uncle sam is your boss,

  2. Now yah all wake and see the light. It had to take officer holder of new York death ,and bringing him home to Guyana for burial, to bring about this change. But this change happened very fast in six days. Thanks to NYPD.

  3. HATS OFF to this,our joint services give life and services to each and everyone it is only fitting to return something to their families in time of disaster,I thank all those persons for coming up with such a great initiative thank you COP Seelall,I hope people like DK West Dem and other you failed to serve will donate to this,


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